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Choosing a unique permanent tribute to a special life is a big decision — one that lasts for generations. The staff of Gramer Funeral Home offers decades of knowledge and experience, assisting you in selecting the perfect memorial marker that sums up the life of any individual. Our convenient on-site selection process gives you access to the finest in grave markers and monuments, in quality materials such as bronze and granite.

Monuments and markers may be adorned with a wide variety of design elements, such as ornaments, images, and commemorative items to reflect the individual’s specific faith, personal interests, veteran status, and membership in fraternal organizations. This design is a visual representation of a person’s life and is created according to your specific vision and preferences.

Our monument specialists help you navigate the many regulations and fee structures connected with the placement of monuments and markers. They are trained to assist you in selection of appropriate materials and sizes, while creating a custom design that truly reflects your sentiments. In addition, they aid you in finding just the right tribute within your budget. You can trust Gramer professionals to respect your choices and needs.

We proudly offer quality granite monuments by INCH Memorials. Not just a storefront monument company, INCH employs talented designers and skilled professionals who create custom memorials using state-of-the-art techniques and old-world skills. View the INCH Memorials selection of designs and material options on their website.

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