Cremation Urns & Matching Keepsakes

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Cremation is a popular choice in final arrangements today, in part because there are so many options available for final disposition of the remains. Once cremated and returned to the family, the remains may be scattered, buried in a cemetery plot, placed in a cremation garden or park, inurned in a columbarium, kept at home, or even divided into keepsakes and shared among family members.

Gramer Funeral Home offers a large selection of urns in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. Some urns even come with matching keepsake items so that members of the family may keep a bit of the remains close to them forever.

Cremation urns may be personalized to reflect the interests or achievements of the deceased. Choose from a selection of religious icons, military symbols, or a variety of images to reflect hobbies or areas of interest to the deceased.

Our professional staff will assist you in finding the perfect cremation urn, whether you choose to scatter the ashes, locate them in a cemetery, or keep them near you. There are many affordable choices in urns: beautiful, professional, whimsical, distinguished, and elegant. Contact your Gramer professional for assistance in finding the right urn for you.

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