Choice of Burial Vaults to Protect Your Casket

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A modern burial vault is an enclosure for a casket designed to protect and support the casket, keeping the remains of the deceased intact and undisturbed. The burial vault is a lined and sealed unit that protects the casket and remains from water and debris, specifically engineered to support the weight of the earth and any heavy vehicles or equipment that may pass over it. They are made of a variety of materials, including specially formulated, reinforced concrete; high-strength plastic; or metal.

Some vaults may be personalized to reflect the interests or achievements of the deceased. Choose from symbols that honor religious affiliation, a veteran’s military service, membership in fraternal organizations, or public service professions. Often these burial vaults are displayed with the casket in a graveside service, making a beautiful presentation. This may add to the funeral experience as the family views the closing and sealing of the vault, offering peace of mind and closure.

While there are no laws that required the use of a burial vault, most cemeteries will require them for safety and stability.

Gramer Funeral Home offers a large selection of vaults to match any budget. Our professional staff is pleased to answer your questions about burial vaults and to educate you on available choices. Please contact your Gramer professional to review your choices and discuss your options in burial vaults.

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